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You can support the ELCE through on-line donations with credit/debit cards. You can earmark your donation for specific ELCE projects or work. Just click on the congregation or fund below and follow the link to the CAF’s Charity Donation Service, which is a secure site (this will be in a new window).

All donations given for a specific purpose may be used for other purposes if it is not possible to use them for the original, stated purpose. In this event we will apply the donation to an activity as close as possible to the original, stated purpose.

If you are a UK Taxpayer; you can increase any donation by 25% at no cost to yourself through the Gift Aid Scheme provided you have paid sufficient UK tax to cover this amount of tax. All you need to do is click the appropriate button on the page as you enter your donation details. Also if you are a higher-rate taxpayer you will also be able to claim tax relief for the difference between lower and the higher tax rates.

Ascension; Brandon Suffolk Christ Church; Petts Wood
Good Shepherd; Coventry Holy Trinity; Tottenham
Luther-Tyndale; Kentish Town Our Saviour; Fareham
Oxford Lutheran Mission Redeemer; Harlow
Resurrection; Cambridge St Andrew’s, Ruislip
St Columba, East Kilbride St David, Cardiff
St Paul’s, Borehamwood St Peter’s, Plymouth
St Timothy’s, Sunderland
The British Lutheran Magazine Lutheran Radio UK
ELCE Administration ELCE Overseas Missions Fund
ELCE Student Aid Fund ELCE Youth Fund
Westfield House of Theological Studies, Cambridge


You can also leave money to the ELCE in your will. Charities like the ELCE do not pay tax on this gift and it is exempt from your inheritance tax as well (this is a tax payable at 40% on everything in your estate above £325,000!). We advise you to consult a solicitor about the specific wording. An example of suggested wording to take to your solicitor is:

“I bequeath to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (‘the ELCE’) of 28 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB2 0HH, Registered Charity Number 220466, the sum of £_______ (for a pecuniary bequest), or: the residue of my estate (for a residuary bequest) to be used by the ELCE at its discretion.”

To make a congregation-specific gift add: “for or towards the ______________ (congregation).”

To make a fund-specific gift add: “for or towards the purposes for which _____________ (fund) was established.”

To make a project-specific gift add: “for or towards the ____________ work (e.g. educational) of the ELCE.”