Articles, pamphlets and policies

The Small Catechism

Dr Martin Luther’s Small Catechism is universally accepted by Lutherans and widely used as a simple summary of the Bible’s teachings. You can read the Small Catechism free online here

Contact the Central Office for a hard copy.

The Book of Concord

The Small Catechism is one of the writings contained in the Book of Concord, a collection of writings from the time of the Reformation. The ELCE subscribes to these confessions – that is, accepts them fully – as a faithful exposition of of Holy Scripture. You can read the Book of Concord here.

Lux Christi booklets

Lux Christi is a series of booklets that aim to provide a brief but in-depth study of a specific area of Christian faith and life. They are made available free of charge, thanks to the generous financial support of Lutheran Heritage Foundation. Hard copies can be requested by contacting the Central Office.

LifeByDrowningCover PraisingGodCover

CTSC Reports

The Commission on Theological and Social Concerns (CTSC) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England has produced the following reports and guidance policies for use within the ELCE. These documents are available to anyone who is interested in the workings and teachings of the ELCE.

Laymen on Committees [2001]

Brotherly Reconciliation [2002]

A Report on the Situation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England (ELCE) and its Relationship to the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) [2002].

Confirmation, Catechesis, and First Communion in the Lutheran Church [2002]

ELCE Safeguarding Policy

A revised Safeguarding Policy for children and adults at risk was adopted at the 61st ELCE Synod in October 2015. You can download a copy by clicking here.